Table V. Maternal KIR2DS1 significantly increases birth weight when the fetus has more HLA-C2 epitopes than the mother: continuous analysis
SubjectsEffect of KIR2DS1 on Birth Weight (g)
nMean Increase (g)SEp Value
Less C2 in fetus than mother28055700.43
Equal C2 in fetus and mother72543460.35
More C2 in fetus than mother304245660.0002
  • Presence versus absence of maternal KIR2DS1 was tested for an effect on birth weight as a continuous variable in linear regression models of subsets of pregnancies >5th birth weight centile defined by maternal/fetal HLA-C genotype (Table III). Cohort and sex of the baby were included as covariates.

  • Mean, average increase in birth weight (in grams) conferred by presence of KIR2DS1; n, number of pregnancies analyzed.