Table I. Presence of maternal KIR2DS1 associates with increased birth weight: categorical analysis
Median Birth WeightHigh Birth WeightEffect of KIR2DS1 on Birth Weight
Maternal KIR2DS1 Genotype(6–89th Centile) (%)(≥90th Centile) (%)OR95% CIp Value
Positiven = 389 (39.1)n = 148 (46.1)1.381.07–1.790.01
Negativen = 606 (60.9)n = 173 (53.9)
  • KIR2DS1 frequency is significantly increased in high compared with median birth weight pregnancies. Presence versus absence of KIR2DS1 was tested for effect on birth weight as a categorical variable in a logistic regression analysis of 1316 pregnancies. Samples from both the United Kingdom and Norway cohorts were combined, with cohort and sex of the baby included as covariates.

  • CI, confidence interval; n, number of pregnancies.