Table I.

The scRNA-seq data of six bead-enriched T cell subsets and FACS-sorted BST2hi T cells after quality control

T Cell Subsets/Sample NamesMedian Genes per CellMedian UMI Counts per CellNo. of GenesNo. of Cells
Donor A [Zheng et al., 2017 (23)]
 CD4 Th cells546132813,57210,776
 CD4 Tregs547122213,4869,806
 CD4 memory cells547150313,7309,982
 CD4 naive cells493119313,03310,132
 CD8 CTLs572162613,7049,946
 CD8 naive cells502144213,24711,593
Donor B (this study)
 BST2hi #11406493518,5856,352
 BST2hi #21373560418,7997,325