Table I. Amino acid residues predicted to be involved in CD40L–integrin αvβ3 interaction
CD40Lαv (1L5G)β3 (1L5G)
Leu168, Tyr170, Tyr172, Gln174, Thr176, Leu205, Leu206, Arg207, Ala208, Ala209, Asn210, Gln220, Gln221, Ser222, Ile223, His224, Leu225, Gly226, Gly227, Val228, Phe229, Glu230, Thr251, Gly252, Phe253, Ser255, Leu258, Leu259, Lys260, Leu261Tyr80, Glu117, Met118, Lys119, Gln145, Asp146, Ile147, Asp148, Ala149, Asp150, Gly151, Tyr178, Arg211, Thr212, Ala213, Gln214, Ala215, Ile216, Phe217, Asp218, Arg248Tyr122, Ser123, Lys125, Asp126, Asp127, Tyr166, Tyr178, Asp179, Met180, Lys181, Thr182, Arg214, Arg216, Asp251, Ala252, Lys253, Thr311, Asn313, Val314
  • Amino acid residues within 0.6 nm between CD40L and αvβ3 were selected using PdbViewer (version 4.1). Amino acid residues in CD40L that are mutated in HIGM1 are shown in bold.