Table II. Ab titers before and after DTP booster vaccination
DonorTotal IgGIgG1IgG4
Donor 1a1:32001:25600ND1:200ND1:10
Donor 2a1:64001:256001:101:200ND1:10
Donor 31:16001:64001:101:101:101:10
Donor 41:1001:128001:101:100NDND
Donor 51:8001:32001:101:1001:501:200
Donor 61:256001:128001:501:1001:501:50
  • The titers are expressed by the dilution whereby a fold change >1.1 is achieved of the ratio between the MTTE and the control-coated ETTM plate.

  • a The donors are represented in Fig. 6C.

  • ND, not detected.