Table I. Patient clinical data and summary of epitopes detected
SPCTime PointAge (y)SexRxCoinfectionCD4CD8VLHIV TetramerTRAF1 Increased?
16123Baseline50MYesNo364699<40A2 (SL9)Yes
Week 129811335<40
31209Baseline49MYesNo2631118<40A2 (SL9, ILKE)No
Week 126612663<40
31427Baseline30MYesNo274293<40A2 (SL9, ILKE)Yes
Week 12836768<40
16206Baseline38MYesNo191699<40B7 (FPRI)Yes
Week 124411648<40
31210Baseline32MYesNo162604<40A2 (SL9)No
Week 124851292<40
31231Baseline42MYesNo365588<40A2 (SL9)No
Week 12838979<40
31208Baseline41MYesNo191350<40B7 (FPRI)No
Week 126621342<40
31213Baseline45MYesNo457342<40B7 (FPRI)Yes
Week 12747929<40
31206Baseline53MYesNo338591<40B57 (KAFS)No
Week 12451729<40
16207Baseline55MYesNo1551553<40B57 (KAFS)Yes
Week 122822435<40
  • Summary of patient data including age, sex, treated (Rx), and CD4 and CD8 T cell counts before and 12 wk after first IL-7 treatment. HIV tetramer indicates population identified in the study participants. A2 epitopes were SL9 or ILKE, B7 (FPRI), and B57 (KAFS) as described in Materials and Methods; where both are listed, study participants had both HIV-specific CD8 T cell populations.

  • M, male; SPC, study participant code; VL, viral load.