Table II. Pathway analysis determination of biological pathways elevated in RAGE+ versus RAGE T1D T cells
Enriched Biological Pathways: RAGE+ T1D T cellsp Value
Apoptosis and survival_Anti-apoptotic TNFs/NF-κB/Bcl-2 pathway1.967E−06
Immune response_Naive CD4+ T cell differentiation3.846E−06
Immune response_TNF-R2 signaling pathways6.334E−05
Signal transduction_NF-κB activation pathways1.033E−04
Immune response_IL-6 signaling pathway3.699E−04
Immune response_IL-12-induced IFN-γ production5.757E−04
Immune response_IL-4 signaling pathway1.034E−03
Immune response_IL-12 signaling pathway3.866E−03
Development_PDGF signaling via STATs and NF-κB7.332E−03
Immune response_Th17 cell differentiation8.698E−03
  • Differences in gene expression in RAGE+ and RAGE T cells, within the same individual, were used to identify biological pathways that differ with MetaCORE (Thompson Reuters). The 10 most altered T lymphocyte pathways in T1D T cells are ordered based on statistical significance (p value).