Table III. Association analysis of rs5744168 with T2D and fasting plasma glucose levels
Traitp ValueaOR (95% CI)b
 All0.2821.35 (0.78–2.34)
 Males0.3280.68 (0.31–1.48)
 Females0.0212.60 (1.16–5.82)
p ValueBETAc
Plasma glucose level
 All (non-T2D)0.0440.39
 Males (non-T2D)0.5150.18
 Females (non-T2D)0.0120.64
  • a The p values were calculated using logistic or linear regression (as appropriate) using a dominant model; nominally significant p values are in boldface type.

  • b OR and 95% CI refer to the nonsense allele.

  • c Regression coefficient.