Table II. Association analysis of rs5744168 with obesity and BMI
Study CohortReplication CohortCombined
Traitp ValueaOR (95% CI)bp ValueOR (95% CI)p ValueOR (95% CI)
 All0.0370.55 (0.32–0.97)0.0100.27 (0.10–0.73)0.00620.51 (0.32–0.83)
 Males0.6520.83 (0.38–1.83)0.1470.29 (0.055–1.54)0.4050.75 (0.39–1.47)
 Females0.0140.37 (0.17–0.82)0.0190.13 (0.022–0.71)0.00160.33 (0.17–0.66)
p ValueBETAcp ValueBETAp ValueBETA
BMI (excluding obese)
  • a The p values were calculated using logistic or linear regression (as appropriate) using a dominant model; nominally significant p values are in boldface type.

  • b OR and 95% CI refer to the nonsense allele.

  • c Regression coefficient.