Table VI. Univariate analyses of factors associated with RFS and OS in HER2-positive breast cancer patients (n = 64)
VariablesHR95% CIpHR95% CIp
CD4 (>16)2.950.95–9.210.0673.251.22–8.670.017
CD8 (>13)0.090.01–0.670.0010.280.09–0.870.016
γδ T (>9)39.394.99–310.655.42E-0735.794.51–283.871.28E-06
FOXP3 (>12)6.671.79–24.700.0019.102.60–31.814.29E-05
ER status (positive)4.020.52–31.170.1063.240.73–14.280.073
Stage (III versus I + II)13.774.06–46.671.85E-0513.534.53–40.472.05E-06
Nodal (positive)NANA6.85E-0814.843.36–65.433.44E-06
Size (>2.1 cm)2.930.88–9.770.0684.231.38–13.040.006
  • Results obtained using the Cox proportional hazard regression model. All patients with negative nodal status had no recurrence and were alive during the follow-up period, and the software could not perform the analysis. NA, No analysis.