Table I. Phenotypic analysis of Vγ9Vδ2 T cells from blood and BM of AML patients
Patientsγδ in T CellsNaivesCMTemh1TemRACD56DNAM-1NKG2DCD158bCCR5
Per mm3%
UPN12 Blood34.622.35.216.567.311.035.894.187.711.547.9
UPN12 BM30.332.24.313.076.16.628.697.594.26.441.3
UPN15 Blood55.
UPN15 BM47.042.416.726.848.48.118.651.
UPN17 Blood34.3915.
UPN17 BM38.2516.64.52.777.814.943.491.181.932.334.6
UPN19 Blood41.521.111.644.142.02.342.384.487.53.437.4
UPN19 BM39.
UPN22 Blood51.
UPN22 BM51.033.110.837.843.28.130.581.397.51.736.3
Patientsa (n = 5 Blood)
Patientsa (n = 5 BM)
HVa (n = 9 Blood)42.12.717.947.323.511.229.178.981.79.641.6
HVa (n = 4 BM)ND0.923.936.318.020.923.278.294.2NDND
  • Results are expressed as percentage of positive cells gated on the TCRVγ9+ population.

  • a Data represent the median of the precised samples.