Table I. Functionalized dyes tested for spontaneous diffusion into Jurkat T cells
Functionalized DyeDiffusion into Living Jurkat CellsStaining Pattern
Cyanin-3-alkyneaStrongGolgi, nuclear membrane, structures in the cytoplasm
DIBO 647bMinorSpotted, in the cytoplasm
DBCO Sulfo-Cy-3cMinor
Sulfo-cyanin-3-azidaNoOnly dead cells
DBCO Sulfo-Cy5cNo
DIBO 488bNo
  • Dyes listed were applied to Jurkat T cells for 30 min at 37°C at a concentration of 25 μM and analyzed for their ability to diffuse into the cells by confocal microscopy.

  • a Dyes were commercially received from Lumiprobe.

  • b Dyes were commercially received from Thermo Scientific.

  • c Dyes were commercially received from Jena Bioscience.