Table II. Cross-reactivity of anti-CHIKV mAbs with other alphaviruses
VirusaAntivirus Asciteb5F10c8B10c
Singapore CHIKV07NA++
Côte d’Ivoire CHIKV+++
Indonesia CHIKV+++
Ross River virus+
Semliki Forest virus+
Mayaro virus+
Sindbis virus+
Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus+
Eastern equine encephalitis virusNA
Western equine encephalitis virusNA
  • a Vero cells were infected with the indicated viruses and fixed 24 h postinfection. A binding assay was performed by immunofluorescence using, as a secondary Ab, either an anti-mouse IgG conjugated to Alexa 488 (b) or an anti-human IgG conjugated to Alexa 488 (c).

  • b Mouse immune ascites specific for each indicated virus were used 1/200.

  • c mAbs were used at 1 μg/ml.

  • +, strong fluorescence signal; −, no fluorescence signal; NA, not assessed.