Table I. Summary of multiplatform gene expression data: part I
SampleExpressed Genes (%)False Positives (%)False Negatives (%)Overall Concordance (%)
Affymetrix CD19518284
Affymetrix CD4508284
Agilent CD19434792
Agilent CD4434792
Illumina CD19479884
Illumina CD44710883
Nimblegen CD19465489
Nimblegen CD4464489
  • Splenic CD4+ T cells and CD19+ B cells were profiled on Affymetrix, Agilent, Nimbelgen, and Illumina whole-genome microarrays. Resulting gene-expression data from each platform were analyzed to yield the percentage of expressed probes, percentage of false positives (defined as a probe being expressed on one platform, but not the other three), percentage of false negatives (defined as the absence of a probe‚Äôs expression in one platform but present in the other three), and overall concordance (defined as the overall percentage of probes for which expression or absence is in agreement with the majority of platforms).