Table VII. Significant enrichment terms found using the DAVID bioinformatics resource
IDT1D SNPEnrichment TypeEnriched TermFDR p Value
2rs2476601GO term BPAg processing and presentation of peptide Ag via MHC class I0.017
10rs1990760PIR keywordsAcetylation0.00065
15rs17388568PIR keywordsPhosphoprotein0.025
22rs10272724PIR keywordsCytoplasm0.032
PIR keywordsPhosphoprotein0.047
29rs10466829PIR keywordsLectin0.002
GO term MFSugar binding0.0096
PIR keywordsSignal anchor0.041
GO term MFCarbohydrate binding0.045
34rs17696736GO term BPResponse to virus0.00049
PIR keywordsAntiviral defense0.0058
41rs416603BiocartaIL-10 anti-inflammatory signaling pathway0.0021
KEGG pathwayIntestinal immune network for IgA production0.034
42rs9924471PIR keywordsNucleus0.0069
KEGG pathwayAg processing and presentation0.0088
KEGG pathwayViral myocarditis0.011
InterproIg/MHC, conserved site0.017
KEGG pathwayGraft-versus-host disease0.021
KEGG pathwayAllograft rejection0.024
  • Italics indicate FDR p < 0.005.

  • BP, biological process; ID, T1D loci identifiers as in Table I; MF, molecular function; PIR, Protein Information Resource.