Table VI. Network and pathway analysis of the list of candidate genes identified in Tables II–IV using GATHER and GENEMANIA (unadjusted p < 0.001)
Annotation TypeAnnotationp Value
GATHER gene annotation and pathway analysis
 Chromosome2p13 (TTC31, MOGS, INO80B, LBX2, MRPL53)<0.0001
 Transcription factor binding sitesc-Ets-2 binding sites0.0009
 KEGG pathwaysPath: hsa04060: cytokine–cytokine receptor interaction0.0005
Path: hsa00920: sulfur metabolism0.0007
 GOGO: 0009607 [4]: response to biotic stimulus0.0003
GO: 0006952 [5]: defense response0.0004
GO: 0006955 [4]: immune response0.0004
GO: 0009613 [5]: response to pest, pathogen, or parasite0.0009
GO: 0043207 [5]: response to external biotic stimulus0.0009
GENEMANIA network analysis
 FunctionsRegulation of leukocyte activation5.4 × 10−5
Regulation of lymphocyte activation6.8 × 10−5
Regulation of cell activation
T cell activation0.0002
Mononuclear cell proliferation0.0006
Positive regulation of cell activation
Lymphocyte proliferation
Positive regulation of leukocyte activation
Regulation of T cell activation
Leukocyte proliferation0.0008
Regulation of lymphocyte proliferation
Regulation of mononuclear cell proliferation
  • Numbers in brackets indicate GO annotation depth.