Table II. Distribution of virological and immunological parameters among WT and R264 escape mutation groups in HLA-B*27+ individuals
ParameterWT (n = 12)Escape (n = 7)p Value
Median total follow-up (y)16180.18
Median follow-up at censored time point (y)14.5130.50
Surrogate markers
 Median viral load to censored time point (copies/ml)1,70021,0000.01
 Median CD4+ T cell count to censored time point (cells/μl)6343960.09
 Viral load time-weighted AUC (copies/ml)1,78421,0000.02
 CD4+ T cell count time-weighted AUC (cells/μl)7455180.02
Host factors
Viral factors
 Escape at gp4121>0.99
 Escape at nef200.51
 Escape at p1700
nef-deleted virus00
  • Parameters reaching statistical significance are indicated in bold type.

  • –, The parameter was not found in any individual.