Table I. Profiles of HIV-1 infected and CD8+ cell depleted animals
Engraftment Parameters
GroupsaAge (wk)Weeks PostinfectionbCD45+ (%, Spleen)IgM (μg/ml)IgG (μg/ml)HIV RNA Copies/mlc
Uninfected control26.530.4103.4208.0
n = 1423–363.8–50.5<3.1–962.0<7.8–402.0
HIV-1–infected 291028.8168.093.5114,800
n = 1526–365–133.1–72.918.0–1019.6<7.8–453.813,335–1,526,000
HIV-1–infected CD8+ cell-depleted 29720.2154.270.1382,550
n = 1225–334–93.1–52.648.4–523.0<7.8–856.724,745 to >35,000,000
HIV-1–uninfected CD8+ cell-depleted339.4225.8175.3
n = 729–353.1–80.6123.4–1005.1<7.8–576.3
  • a End point data are shown as median and the range (minimal and maximal values).

  • b Period of HIV-1 infection before the animals were euthanized.

  • c Detection limit was 1750 copies/ml. Detection was performed using 20 μl plasma diluted to a total volume of 700 μl as a requirement for automated evaluation by Amplicor kit with detection limit of 50 copies/ml. Productive infection was confirmed by detection of HIV-1 p24-positive cells in lymphoid tissues.