Table I.

Number of IgA plasma cells per biopsy

PatientBiopsyNo. of Sections CountedEstimated No. of IgA Plasma Cellsa95% CI
P51599,711[75,191; 124,232]
P525133,293[109,327; 157,262]
P5324170,443[150,950; 189,933]
P611348,868[40,436; 57,297]
P621757,080[49,512; 64,650]
P631472,252[61,826; 82,679]
P71736,288[21,875; 50,701]
P72732,609[27,322; 37,896]
P73821,965[16,362; 27,566]
  • a The area of tissue was determined by morphometric analysis. Five to 24 sections were completely counted per biopsy and numbers represent the mean number of plasma cells per biopsy with the 95% CI.