Table II.

Death of CD8+ Jurkat cells coincubated with MV derived from normal cells or from tumor cellsa

TreatmentNo. of Cells ×104Percentage of Dead Cells
Live CellsDead CellsTotal Cells
Untreated Jurkat1591717610
 + MV (keratinocytes)1373216919
 + MV (fibroblasts)1754221719
 + MV (DC)1732920214
 + MV (SW-mel)6712319065b
 + MV (PCI 13p)5113018172b
  • a CD8+ Jurkat cells in the log phase of growth were coincubated with MV (100 μg/ml) for 72 h. Cells stained with a trypan blue dye were counted per well in triplicate wells. The data are mean values.

  • b Significant differences from untreated Jurkat cells at p < 0.001.