Table I.

LMIR3 WT or different mutantsa

AbbreviationResidues at 241, 276, 289, 303, 325
WTY241, Y276, Y289, Y303, Y325
Y1FF241, Y276, Y289, Y303, Y325
Y2FY241, F276, Y289, Y303, Y325
Y3FY241, Y276, F289, Y303, Y325
Y4FY241, Y276, Y289, F303, Y325
Y5FY241, Y276, Y289, Y303, F325
Y1/3FF241, Y276, F289, Y303, Y325
Y1/5FF241, Y276, Y289, Y303, F325
Y3/5FY241, Y276, F289, Y303, F325
Y1/3/5FF241, Y276, F289, Y303, F325
Y2/4/5F or 1/3YY241, F276, Y289, F303, F325
Y2/3/4F or 1/5YY241, F276, F289, F303, Y325
Y1/2/4F or 3/5YF241, F276, Y289, F303, Y325
Y2/4F or 1/3/5YY241, F276, Y289, F303, Y325
Y2/3/4/5F or 1YY241, F276, F289, F303, F325
Y1/3/4/5F or 2YF241, Y276, F289, F303, F325
Y1/2/4/5F or 3YF241, F276, Y289, F303, F325
Y1/2/3/5F or 4YF241, F276, F289, Y303, F325
Y1/2/3/4F or 5YF241, F276, F289, F303, Y325
Y1/2/3/4/5F or YallFF241, F276, F289, F303, F325
  • a LMIR3 cytoplasmic tyrosine residues, Y241, Y276, Y289, Y303, and Y325 are abbreviated as Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, and Y5, respectively. In LMIR3 mutants, single or several tyrosine residues (Y) were replaced with phenylalanine (F).