Table I.

PI of spleen lymphocytes obtained from P. brasilienis-infected TLR2−/− and WT mice at week 4 of infectiona

TreatmentTLR2−/− (PI)WT (PIb)
Control lymphocytes0.782.82
Lymphocytes + AgPb0.992.43
Lymphocytes + anti-CD280.662.66
Lymphocytes + Con A1.36
  • a Spleen cell suspensions were labeled with CFSE and cultured for 3 days in the presence of anti-CD3 (0.3) Ab, anti-CD28 (2.5 μg/ml) Ab, P. brasiliensis-soluble Ag (100 μg/ml), or Con A (1 μg/ml). The intensity of CFSE was assessed by flow cytometry.

  • b The PI was calculated as the MFI of unstimulated cultures/MFI of stimulated cultures. Data are representative of two independent experiments.