Table I.

Summary of EAE clinical dataa

Mouse StrainIncidenceMortalityMean Day of Onset ± SEMMean Maximum Disease Score ± SEM
C57BL/622/250/2513.59 ± 2.263.05 ± 1.12b
IL-27p28−/−C57BL/624/241/2412.91 ± 1.413.63 ± 1.04b
  • a Mice were immunized with MOG(35–55) and treated with pertussis toxin at day 0. Assessment of clinical EAE includes the number of mice that developed disease, the mean day of onset among mice with EAE, and the mean clinical disease grade of each group. Results of four separate experiments are shown.

  • b p = 0.0356, comparing the C57BL/6 group versus IL-27p28−/−C57BL/6 group by Mann-Whitney U test.