Table I.

The response of CD4+ T cells from CMV+ donors cultured in CMV-infected HUVEC-conditioned medium depends upon copurified HLA-DR+ cellsa

Donor 1 (CMV+)2.410.
Donor 2 (CMV+)
Donor 3 (CMV+)140.28.519.7161911.1
Donor 4 (CMV)0.200.10000.1
  • a Positively isolated CD4+ T cells left alone (none) or immunodepleted of HLA-DR, CD11c, CD14, CD19, CD56, or γδ -TCR were cultured in UV-CMV-infected HUVEC-conditioned medium. The proportions of proliferating cells (as percentage of live cells) from four different donors (three CMV+ and one CMV) are shown. Proliferation was assessed by CFSE dilution (day 7) or BrdU incorporation (days 4 and 5, donor 3).