Table I.

Spleen cell PPD and 85A Ag-specific cytokine responsesa

N (pg/ml)B (pg/ml)BA i.d. (pg/ml)BA i.n. (pg/ml)
  • a Mice were primed with BCG and boosted with Ad85A either i.d. (BA i.d.) or i.n. (BA i.n.) administered. Splenocytes were isolated 4 wk after the boost and stimulated with PPD or pooled 85A peptides for 18 h. IFN-γ, IL-2, TNF, and IL-6 production was determined using CBA assay. Results shown are mean of three mice per group, representative of two independent experiments. Overall interassay and intraassay variation is less than 15%.

  • b p < 0.05 compared with B and BA i.n. immunization groups.