Table I.

Profiles of representative TCCs/TCLsa

PhenotypebStimulation IndexCytokine ProfilecBlockingdCytokine Levels (pg/ml) (IFN-γ/IL-2/IL-4/IL-8)
  • a Clone/Line names are given.

  • b Monoclonality and oligoclonality were confirmed by FCM using a battery of mAbs against TCRVβ. ?, Indicates unknown Vβ by this analysis. Underlines indicate shared Vβs.

  • c Cytokine production profiles are indicated as 1 for type 1 and 2 for type 2.

  • d Inhibition of T cell proliferation by anti-HLA-A,B,C (class I) and anti-HLA-DQ, DR (class II) Abs is indicated as I and II, respectively. I/II indicates partial inhibition by both types of mAbs.

  • e n.d., not done.