Table I.

Histopathological scoring of extent and severity of renal disease in treated MRL/lpr micea

GroupGlomerular ScoreInterstitial InflammationVasculitis (%)Crescent/Necrosis (%)
Control (n = 12)12.1 ± 4.63 ± 0.610050
CR2-Crry (n = 9)7.6 ± 2.12.9 ± 16633
  • a Scores for glomerular damage in 24-wk-old MRL/lpr mice treated with either CR2-Crry or PBS from weeks 16 to 23. Glomerular score is the sum of scores for glomerular inflammation, proliferation, crescent formation, and necrosis (each scored from 0 to 4). Interstitial inflammation was also scored 0–4, and incidence of vasculitis and crescent/necrosis was recorded as a percentage. Treatment with CR2-Crry was associated with a significant improvement in the glomerular score, crescent/necrosis, and a reduction in the incidence of vasculitis (p < 0.02). No significant difference was observed for interstitial inflammation (p > 0.05).