Table I.

Differential microarray analysisa

PathwayGene No.Enrichmentp Value
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction23R = 2.904.95E-06
Jak-STAT signaling pathway15R = 3.061.10E-04
Cell adhesion molecules15R = 3.206.96E-05
Type I diabetes mellitus14R = 8.434.41E-10
NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity12R = 3.016.32E-04
Complement and coagulation cascades11R = 4.453.11E-05
Apoptosis10R = 2.981.90E-03
Hemopoietic cell lineage9R = 3.172.00E-03
TLR signaling pathway9R = 2.745.50E-03
Ag processing and presentation9R = 3.815.38E-04
  • a Microarray analysis of mRNA collected from peritoneal lavage 3 days postinfection were normalized and statistically analyzed for differential expression. Differentially regulated genes (>2.5 fold) were entered into a gene ontology software (Webgestalt; (43 ) linked to Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomics (KEGG) pathways, revealing over-represented pathways such as cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction and Jak-STAT signaling pathways. R is the ratio of enrichment for the KEGG pathway (R = observed gene number/expected gene number). p values indicate the significance of enrichment calculated from the hypergeometric test.