Table I.

Effects of A2AR agonists on two-way MLR-induced cytokine releasea

A (vehicle)B (ATL)C (ATL+ZM)A vs ConA vs BB vs CA vs C
IFN-γ17.443.6413.84p < 0.001p < 0.001p < 0.01NS
IL-221.8713.1221.22p < 0.001p < 0.05p < 0.05NS
IL-12(p70)2.150.671.44p < 0.001p < 0.001p < 0.05NS
IL-12(p40) < 0.001NSNSNS
RANTES2.161.441.95p < 0.001p < 0.001p < 0.001NS
  • a Data indicate fold of two-way MLR-induced cytokine and chemokine release over unstimulated control levels. A, vehicle; B, ATL313 (ATL, 10 nm); and C, ATL313 (10 nm) + ZM241385 (ZM, 100 nm). Significance columns assess differences between vehicle and control (A vs Con), vehicle and ATL313 (A vs B), ATL313 and ATL313 + ZM241385 (B vs C), and vehicle and ATL313 + ZM241385 (A vs C), respectively. Values are means, n = 3.