Table I.

Unique human tumor Ags recognized by class I and class II HLA-restricted T cells

Class I HLA-restricted T cells
 Cyclin-dependent kinase 4CDK-4/maMelanoma22
 Melanoma ubiquitous mutated 1, 2MUM-1/2Melanoma18
 Melanoma ubiquitous mutated 1, 2MUM-1/2Melanoma23
 Melanoma ubiquitous mutated 3MUM-3 (Helicase)Melanoma24
 Myosin mutatedMyosin/mMelanoma26
 Redox-perox mutatedRedox-perox/mMelanoma27
 Melanoma Ag recognized by T cell-2MART-2/mMelanoma, lung small cancer cells28
 β-Actin-4 mutatedβ-Actin/4/maNon-small cell lung cancer29
 Elongation factor 2ELF2-MNon-small cell lung cancer30
 Tumor draining lymph nodeTDLNon-small cell lung cancer31
 Caspase-8 mutatedCASP-8/maHead and neck32
 HLA-A2 mutatedHLA-A2-R17OJRenal cancer33
 Heat shock protein 70-2 mutatedHSP70-2/maRenal cancer34
 Cyclin-dependent kinase N2ACDKN2AMelanoma42
Class II HLA-restricted T cells
 Cell division cycle 27CDC27aMelanoma35
 Triosephosphate isomeraseTPIMelanoma36
 Low-density lipid receptor/GDP-L-fucose: β-d-galactosidase 2-α-l-fucosyltransferaseLDLR/FUTMelanoma37
 Fibronectin mutatedFibronectin/mMelanoma38
 Receptor-type protein-tyrosine phosphatase KRT-PTP-K/maMelanoma39
  • a Proteins likely involved either in maintaining the neoplastic condition or in the progression and metastatization of cancer cells.