Table I.

Perivascular recruitment of eGFP+ cells to parenchymal laser injury in LysM-eGFP-transgenic micea

Animal 1
 Injury side46101600
 Control side4511000
Animal 2
 Injury side01731960
 Control side109000
Animal 3
 Injury side726110
 Control side300000
Animal 4
 Injury side0111001
 Control side130000
  • a LysM+ cells were counted in a volume of 0.02 mm3 at 60 μm below the bony surface where the brain parenchyma starts. Two thinned skull windows were generated, one for each hemisphere. Laser injury was induced on one side in a parenchymal zone and no injury on the opposite side as a control. The cells were counted on day 0 and several days following injury. Although the number of eGFP+ cells involved was small compared to the meningeal injury and the peak days ranged from days 1 to 7 between the animals, there were on average 5.3 more cells/0.02 mm3 recruited in the perivascular areas to injury side than the controls during days 1 and 7, with an overall statistical significance of p < 0.05 (two-tailed t test). No statistical significance was reached between the injured and controls side on days 0 and 14.