Table II.

Effect of various recombinant cytokines on CTL AICDa

CytokineConcentration% AICD Inhibitionbpc
IL-415 ng/ml5.0 ± 7.70.32
IL-1010 ng/ml11.8 ± 17.20.31
IL-120.1 ng/ml13.4 ± 13.70.43
IL-1510 ng/ml2.5 ± 19.10.46
IFNγ100 IU/ml7.3 ± 13.50.39
TGFβ10 ng/ml11.2 ± 15.10.16
RANK1 ng/ml1.9 ± 7.10.54
LTα1β225 ng/ml−6.0 ± 11.30.22
LTα2β11 ng/ml7.7 ± 15.50.27
  • a Kb-OVA257–264 monomers were coated onto 24-well plates at 1 μg/ml for 2.5 hours at 37°C. Previously activated CD8 T cells from OT-1 mice were preincubated with medium alone or with the indicated cytokines for 2 h before overnight incubation on the Kb-OVA257–264-coated plate. Cells were then stained with Annexin-V and 7-AAD and analyzed as described. Each cytokine was tested in at least four separate experiments. This table summarizes data from multiple experiments. Numbers represent the average of two separate experiments ± SD of the mean.

  • b Percentage inhibition of CTL AICD has been calculated to allow comparison between different experiments.

  • c Values of p were calculated using Student’s t test