Table II.

Production of type I IFN by human LC activated by poly(I:C)a

IFN-α (pg/ml)IFN-β (pg/ml)
Langerhans cells (n = 4)
 Medium<31, 25<50
 Poly(I:C)<31, 25<50
Blood pDC (n = 3)
 IL-3<31, 25ND
 Influenza virus26,219.4 ± 9,830.4ND
  • a Gradient-purified LC were cultured in medium alone or with 25 μg/ml poly(I:C). Purified blood pDC were cultured with IL-3 (20 ng/ml) or formaldehyde-inactivated influenza virus (1 HAU/ml). Twenty-four hours later, supernatants were harvested and quantified for IFN-α and IFN-β production by ELISA. n represents the number of independent donors tested.