Table II.

Demographic characteristics of maternal-fetal pairs according to newborn malaria exposure status and cord blood T cell responses to MSP-1

Newborn CategoryExposed and SensitizedExposed and Not SensitizedNot Exposed and Not Sensitized
Maternal/newborn infection with malariaYesYesNo
Newborn T cell response to malaria AgsYesNoNo
Number of children91011
Average age of mother at delivery (years)21.320.724.9
Primigravida/multigravida mothers4/54/62/9
Mean number samples per infant in follow-up2.93.22.8
Fraction of infants with positive malaria blood
Smear at each follow-up time pointa0.290.390.35
  • a Venous blood was examined for P. falciparum DNA by RTQPCR as described in Materials and Methods. The calculation was adjusted for the number of follow-up samples examined for each infant.