Table VII.

Binding of Hu1D10 Abs to protein Aa

Hu1D10nIC50 (μg/ml)Relative Binding
IgG1 WT520.4 ± 5.5
IgG1 T250Q/M428L561.5 ± 35.30.33
IgG2M3 WT38.32 ± 0.83
IgG2M3 T250Q/M428L327.2 ± 2.70.31
IgG4 WT325.0 ± 3.6
IgG4 T250Q/M428L358.9 ± 5.30.42
  • a Competitive binding experiments were done by ELISA as described in Materials and Methods. The mean IC50 ± SD are reported for three to five independent experiments. The relative improvement in binding for each mutant was calculated by comparison to the corresponding WT.