Table II.

Amino acid and nucleotide sequences of identical TCRBV-gene rearrangements in psoriatic skin lesions and tonsilsab

PatientTCRBVBVcCDR3d NDNBJcBJSkineTonsilsBloodCLA PositiveCLA Negative
13C A S SS S G T G YQ P Q H F1.512/132/400/4525/250/29
tgt gcc agc agttcg tcc ggg aca gga tatcag ccc cag cat ttt
13S2C A SS R R D M NT G E L F F2.215/7911/770/5611/330/24
tgt gcc acctcc agg agg gac atg aacacc ggg gag gtc ttt ttt
213S2C A S S YS P G L G G R A V DE Q F F2.118/6210/870/40NDND
tgt gcc agc agt tactcg cct ggg ttg ggc ggg agg gcc gtc gatgag cag ttc ttc
33C A S SS Y G V G NN E Q F F2.12/371/770/11NDND
tgt gcc agc agttcc tat ggg gtg ggg aacaat gag cag ttc ttc
C A S SP G ET G E L F F2.21/371/770/11NDND
tgt gcc agc agtccg gga gaaacc ggg gag ctg ttt ttt
C A S SS R D S L A VE K L F F1.41/372/770/11NDND
tgt gcc agc agttcg agg gac agc ctg gca gtcgaa aaa ctg ttt ttt
C AT N R G E PE A F F1.11/371/770/11NDND
tgt gccAca aac agg ggg gag cctgaa gct ttc ttt
13S2C A S S YS P V Q G R S YS N Q P Q H F1.51/741/600/45NDND
tgt gcc agc agt tactcc ccg gta cag gga cgg tct tatagc aat cag ccc cag cat ttt
C A SE Q G S L AG E L F F2.23/742/600/45NDND
tgt gcc agcgag cag ggg tcg ttg gccggg gag ctg ttt ttt
C A S SS P Q G S GY G Y T F1.21/741/600/45NDND
tgt gcc agc agtagc cct cag ggg tcc ggctat ggc tac acc ttc
C A S S YF S G NN E Q F F2.12/741/600/45NDND
tgt gcc agc agt tacttt tcg ggt aacaat gag cag ttc ttc
21C A S SG TE A F F1.16/791/700/60NDND
tgt gcc agc agcggg accgaa gct ttc ttt
C A S SS A G R G DS P L H F1.66/791/700/60NDND
tgt gcc agc agctcc gcg ggt agg ggg gactca ccc ctc cac ttt
C A S SL G T G ET D T Q Y F2.32/792/700/60NDND
tgt gcc agc agcctc gga acg gga gaaaca gat acg cag tat ttt
C A S S LG G Q VY E Q Y F2.71/798/700/60NDND
tgt gcc agc agc ttaggg ggc caa gtctac gag cag tac ttc
C A S S LG EN T E A F F1.11/791/700/60NDND
tgt gcc agc agc ttaggc gagaac act gaa gct ttc ttt
  • a For molecular analysis, cDNA of the TCR rearrangements was amplified by PCR from the different samples, randomly cloned, and sequenced. Repetitive TCR rearrangements were defined as clonotypes. Several of the lesional psoriatic clonotypes were also identified within the tonsils but not in the blood of psoriasis patients that had undergone tonsillectomy because of streptococcal angina-induced psoriasis. By the use of CDR3-specific primer pairs in patient 1, they could be selectively assigned to the fraction of tonsillar T cells that express the skin-homing receptor CLA.

  • b TCR rearrangements are given as deduced amino acid sequence (one letter code) and nucleotide triplets.

  • c Flanking BV and BJ region; BV: β-chain variable gene element; BJ: β-chain joining gene element.

  • d CDR3, determined according to Rock et al. (44 ).

  • e Frequency is given as identical TCR rearrangements/number of TCR rearrangements sequenced.