Table III.

Effects of NK1.1+ cell and T cell depletion

GroupStrain CombinationaDepletionbHearts with CAV
1Parental to F1NK1.1+ cell5/5
2CD4+/CD8+ T cell5/5
3NK1.1+ cell CD4+/CD8+ T cell2/9c
4CD4+ T and NK1.1+ cells0/5c
5CD8+ T and NK1.1+ cells4/5
6Full MHC mismatchNoneNAd
7NK1.1+ cellNAd
8CD4+/CD8+ T cell9/11
9NK1.1+ cell CD4+/CD8+ T cell3/10e
10NKT-deficient parental to F1None4/4
  • a Strain combinations: parental to F1 represents C57BL/6 to CB6F1. Full MHC mismatch represents C3H/HeJ to CB6F1. NKT-deficient parental to F1 represents B6.CD1d−/− to CB6F1.CD1d−/−.

  • b NK cell depletion could not be fully achieved, because ≈20% of NK cells persisted despite NK1.1 depletion. T cell depletion was >90%.

  • c p < 0.01 by Fisher’s exact test compared with Table 1, group 1.

  • d Hearts rejected acutely with mean graft survival <9 days. Eight transplants per group. NA, Not applicable.

  • e p < 0.05 by Fisher’s exact test compared with Table 3, group 8.