Table I.

Recovery of X31 influenza virusa

Surgery GroupbDay 4 PostinfectionDay 7 Postinfection
Nalt surgery2.35 ± 0.29c0.45 ± 0.85
Sham surgery2.80 ± 0.521.05 ± 1.00
  • a Recovery of X31 influenza virus from the nasal mucosa of NALT and sham-surgery mice that had previously been immunized with the PR8 influenza virus. Mice were given the PR8 strain of influenza virus intranasally (5 μl, 1.5 × 104 PFU) 25 days before undergoing NALT surgery. Fourteen days after the NALT surgery these mice were given the X31 influenza virus intranasally (5 μl, 5.0 × 106 PFU). Nasal mucosa tissues were assessed by plaque assay for the clearance of the X31 virus.

  • b n = 10 mice per group.

  • c Log10 of the PFU recovery from the nasal mucosa.