Table I.

TCR Vβ usage among high- and low-affinity clonesa

Vβ usage
Low affinity
 Clone 2Vβ21.3
 Clone 3Vβ13.1
 Clone 4Vβ13.2
 Clone 5Vβ13.1
 Clone 7Vβ??
 Clone 8Vβ7.2
 Clone 9Vβ23
 Clone 10Vβ14
 Clone 11Vβ13.1
High affinity
 Clone 1Vβ5.3
 Clone 2Vβ20
 Clone 3Vβ3
 Clone 5Vβ17
 Clone 7Vβ14
 Clone 8Vβ20
 Clone 9Vβ17
 Clone 10Vβ13.1
 Clone 12Vβ3
  • a Individual high- and low-affinity clones were stained with a panel of anti-TCR-Vβ Abs. Unknown TCR-Vβ expression designated “??.” Results are shown for clones obtained from one HLA-A2+ donor and representative of clones obtained from three other donors.