Table III.

CD25 expression in CD4+CD25bright Treg cells treated with or without PGE2a

Sample No.24 h48 h
CD4CD25brightCD4CD25bright PGE2CD4CD25brightCD4CD25bright PGE2
Percentage positive and MFI
I87 (179)70 (60)79 (256)69 (52)
II89 (78)79 (41)84 (101)47 (37)
III94 (66)84 (44)97 (76)28 (45)
IV81 (45)68 (39)87 (56)74 (28)
  • a CD25 surface expression and PGE2-mediated modulation of CD25 in CD4+ PBL. Data summarize (n = 4) the analysis of CD25 expression in CD4+CD25bright T reg cells in a time-course flow-cytometry experiment from PBL donors (n = 4), as described in Materials and Methods. Briefly, magnetic bead-purified CD4+CD25bright, pretreated with or without PGE2 were incubated with anti-CD3 plate-bound Ab at the indicated time points. Surface CD25 expression was then measured by flow cytometry. Results are expressed as percentage of CD25 expression within the CD4+ population. Values in parentheses indicate the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of CD25 expression based on density plot analysis.