Table I.

CD25 expression in CD4+CD25dim and CD4+CD25bright following magnetic bead purificationa

% Positive(MFI)% Positive(MFI)
24.2 ± 19(51 ± 7.7)94 ± 2.7(247 ± 113.8)
  • a CD25 surface expression and PGE2-mediated modulation of CD25 in CD4+ PBL. Data summarize (n = 8) the CD25 expression of CD4+CD25dim and CD4+CD25bright T cell populations following cell purification (Miltenyi Treg Cell Isolation kit). Results are expressed as percentage of CD25 expression within the CD4+ population. Values in parentheses indicate the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) of CD25 expression based on density plot analysis.