Table I.

Characteristics of patients with Behçet’s disease (BD1-BD3), pustular psoriasis (PP1-PP4), and AGEP (AG1-AG2)a

PatientsDiseaseAge (years)/Sex (M/F)/Disease sinceDrug Intake
PP1Pustular psoriasis59/F/unknownTacrolimus, flumetasone, + salicylic acid (topical) naproxen, metoprolol, + irbesartan (oral)
PP2Pustular psoriasis69/F/53 yearsBetamethasone (topical), UV
PP3Pustular psoriasis46/F/4 years (recurrent)Prednisolone (discontinued 5 days before biopsy)
PP4Pustular psoriasis36/M/3 wkInfliximimab (last injection 1 mo ago)
BD1Behçet’s disease44/M/4 yearsPrednisone
BD2Behçet’s disease31/M/5 yearsAcetylsalicylic acid
BD3Behçet’s disease44/M/8 yearsLeflunomide, colchicine
AG1AGEP38/F/acuteHypersensitivity to nickel (screw for orthopedic surgery)
AG2AGEP43/M/acuteHypersensitivity to prednisone and hydrocortisone
AG3bAGEP30/F/curedHypersensitivity to amoxicillin
  • a PP, pustular psoriasis; BD, Behçet’s disease, AG, AGEP.

  • b Previously characterized as patient AP (8 ), cells obtained from positive patch test reaction.