Table II.

Adoptive transfer of CD4+CD25+ T cells from Tg/DC-treated CBA/J mice into naive hosts inhibits EAT developmenta

T Cell TransferAg In Vivo01234No. of Mice with EATI.I. Meanp
  • a A total of 5 × 105 CD4+CD25+ T cells, isolated from mice primed either with bTg-pulsed or c OVA-pulsed. DCs, were adoptively transferred i.p. into syngeneic naive recipients. Control mice received an i.p. injection of PBS. One day after the T cell transfer, some mice were immunized with 100 μg of Tg in CFA. On day 21, all mice were sacrificed and their thyroid glands were collected. The mononuclear cell I.I. was scored, as described in Materials and Methods. Statistical analysis was performed using the Mann-Whitney nonparametric test.