Table III.

MHC molecule expression on NSCLC tumor cell linesa

Tumor Cell LinesMHC-IMHC-II
IGR-Heu (patient 1)85b (99%)(1%)
IGR-Pub (patient 2)608 (97%)43 (68%)
IGR-B2 (patient 3)499 (97%)(0%)
LCC-M4 (patient 4)82 (90%)ND
ADC-Coco (patient 5)(0%)(2%)
SCC-Cher (patient 6)32 (47%)(0%)
MZ-2-MEL-A2999 (100%)310 (100%)
Heu-EBV (patient 1)993 (97%)277 (97%)
  • a Numbers in parentheses correspond to percentages of positive cells. The EBV-transformed B cell line, Heu-EBV, and the allogeneic HLA-A2-transfected melanoma cell line, MZ2-MEL-A2, were included as controls. ND, Not done. Data shown are representative of three independent experiments.

  • b Mean fluorescence intensities are indicated.