Table II.

The effect of inhibitors on death of S14 CTL induced by 12.5 nM DapS dimer for 30 min at 37°Ca

Ab/Inhibitor/AgentAffected/Inhibited ProcessInhibition of PS Externalization
Anti-CD28 AbCostimulation
Anti-CTLA-4 AbCostimulation
Concanamycin APerforin killing
zDEVDfmkCaspase-3 specific
E64dCathepsin B and L
PP2 Src family kinases++++
Latrunculin A Actin polymerization+++
Wortmanin PI3K+++
Rottlerin Classical PKC++++
Gö6976 Nonclassical PKC++++
SB202192 p38 MAPK++++
CycloheximideDe novo protein synthesis
Natrium azideABC transporter inhibitor
EDTA Chelating agent++++
  • a Key: −, 0–5%; ++, 30–50%; +++, 50–80%; ++++, 80–100%. The inhibitors that negatively regulate signaling induced by TCR/CD8 coengagement are indicated in bold.