Table IV.

Nucleotide sequence comparison of the IGHG4 and IGHG7 genes of the BAC clone 60B11 with the IGHG1–IGHG6 genes of the horsea

Homology (%) to the IGHG4/IGHG7 Gene of 60B11
IGHG1 (AJ302055)IGHG2 (AJ302056)IGHG3 (AY256910)IGHG4 (AJ302057)IGHG5 (AJ312380)IGHG6 (AJ312381)
 Genomic83/8279/7983/83 99/96 83/8485/84
 Coding83/8380/7980/80 99/96 83/8387/86
 CH1 exon87/8688/88 92/92 99/99 78/78 96/96
 IVS186/8583/8281/79 100/95 89/9190/89
 Hinge exon35/4327/3518/23100/7448/7261/83
 IVS276/7569/6877/75 100/96 87/8567/65
 CH2 exon84/8074/7282/80 100/95 86/8484/82
 IVS373/7371/7288/90 100/94 64/6867/70
 CH3 exon88/8983/8486/87 98/97 86/8683/83
  • a The numbers indicate the percent homology between the IGHG4 and IGHG7 genes (IGHG4/IGHG7) of 60B11 and the respective IGHG1 to IGHG6 gene sequences. All calculated homologies >90% are underlined. The EMBL/GenBank accession numbers of the IGHG1–IGHG6 genes used for the calculation are given in parentheses.