Table I.

ELISPOT detection of Ag-induced IFN-γ-producing cells in CNS isolatesa

ImmunizationInjection (i.c.)IFN-γ Recall
MOGp:CFACpG14,133 ± 533<100
OVAp:CFACpG<1001,267 ± 133
  • a Groups of eight C57BL/6 mice were immunized s.c. with MOGp or OVAp, or remained unimmunized. Twelve days later, four mice in each group were injected with 20 μg of CpG ODN or nCpG ODN as indicated. Five days later, mononuclear cells were isolated from the injected lobe, and 15,000 of these cells were tested in each well on a monolayer of 250,000 APC per well (spleen cells from naive mice). The mean number and SD of spots in three replicate wells are shown. The data were reproduced in three experiments.