Table II.

Partial characterization of schizont soluble moleculesa

Samples and TreatmentsPDCs (IFN-α, pg/ml)γδ T Cells (IFN-γ, pg/ml)
Schizont soluble fraction5,493236
Heated schizont-soluble fraction (100°C, 15 min)<50305
Ammonium sulfate (80%)7,068<15
E. coli DNA (5 ug/ml)17,085<15
Heated E. coli DNA (100°C, 15 min)27,447<15
  • a The PDCs (2 × 105 cells/ml) and γδ T cells (5 × 105 cells/ml) were stimulated with the schizont-soluble fraction (the same concentration as described), heated schizont-soluble fraction, fraction from ammonium sulfate precipitation, E. coli DNA, or heated E. coli DNA. After 24 h of incubation, culture supernatants from PDC and γδ T cell cultures were harvested and assayed for production of IFN-α and IFN-γ, respectively. Results from one of two experiments with similar results are shown.