Table IV.

Cytokine production in cultures of mock-infected tonsillar tissue blocksa

Day 1Day 3Day 6
IL-1β0.4 (0.2–0.6)0.8 (0.4–1.4)0.6 (0.4–1.5)
IL-672.7 (9.3–95.6)293.9 (197.1–421.6)353.4 (201.1–581.9)
IL-843.0 (15.5–64.0)289.2 (185.1–476.1)545.4 (326.1–712.9)
  • a Cytokine production is given as protein concentration (nanograms per milliliter) in culture fluid; data are shown as median (minimum to maximum) from five tonsils for days 1 and 6, and from four tonsils for day 3; blocks were cultured in duplicate and culture fluids were pooled.