Table I.

Optimal time point of rAd-IL-2 delivery during RSV infectiona

rAd-IL-2 DeliveryDays Post RSV Infection
Day 8Day 45
Percentage of M2Tet+/CD8+Ratio of the percentage IFN-γ+ to the percentage M2Tet+bPercentage of M2Tet+/CD8+No. of total CD8+ (×104)c
Day 132.676.56.9112.6
Day 238.680.513.2830.4
Day 338.172.09.4310.6
Day 539.978.35.619.8
  • a Mice were infected i.n. with 1 × 106 PFU RSV and at indicated day after RSV infection 2 × 107 PFU rAd-IL-2 were i.n. administered. Lung lymphocytes were prepared at day 8 and day 45 after RSV infection and analyzed for M2Tet staining and IFN-γ production after peptide stimulation.

  • b Percentages of IFN-γ-producing cells among M2Tet+ cells are calculated by dividing the percentage peptide-stimulated IFN-γ+/CD8+ by the percentage of M2Tet+/CD8+ in each group.

  • c The numbers of total CD8+ cells were calculated by multiplying the percentage of CD8+ T cells with the total number of mononuclear cells.